Machine Vision

Vyuti specializes in machine vision domain. With in-depth knowledge and experience in lighting, optics, image processing and analysis algorithms and software development, our team of experts can help you with custom machine vision solutions, or help you integrate vision ability in your embedded products.

We are agnostic to the tools and the hardware/software platforms, as we are purely domain focused. Neither are we ever limited by the knowledge of or the narrow capabilities of prevalent machine vision software tools. Every machine vision requirement is unique, and we design and build custom software each time, for your specific application, which allows us to deliver unparalleled performance and satisfaction.


Design from First Principles

Our vision system solutions begin with understanding the fundamental physics behind how light works and how it can be used to highlight features of interest. We also rely on fundamental segregation and detection algorithms which are much more reliable and repeatable than the pattern matching approach. 


Lighting & Optics Design

An algorithm is as unreliable as the data it processes. By employing the latest techniques in lighting and optics, our solutions are built such that the acquired images are most suited for image processing, thereby increasing repeatability & reducing the complexity of the algorithm.


Experienced Domain Experts

Our experienced solution engineering team for machine vision is led by the Technical Director of Vyuti Systems, with over 5 years of experience in designing and developing over 40 machine vision projects. Our team of specialists are hand-picked from top engineering schools, and trained directly by the Technical Director. 


Featured Application - Bearing Inspection

Vyuti has designed and delivered end-of-line bearing inspection solutions to automotive ancillary giants. Bearings are quintessential components in any moving system, and is of significant importance to the reliability of any automotive. Therefore both bearing manufacturers as well as their customers stress heavily on quality.

Bearings being complex, assembled mechanical components, defects can vary widely, from missing or inverted rollers, to rust on the surface and damaged rims. They are also manufactured in a wide range of dimensions on the same production lines for different customers. Designing a comprehensive quality inspection system for bearings is challenging due to such variations.

Letting Light Speak

Vyuti helped solve persisting problems faced by customers in achieving reliable automated inspection. In one case, Vyuti successfully fixed an issue which several consecutive competitors were unable to resolve for over a year. Most issues were solved with fundamental changes to the lighting pattern applied, and adopting simple, adaptable and scalable algorithms.


Featured Project Insights

Sample of some machine vision analyses and software developed by Vyuti for various customers. Click on the image for description.

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