product engineering

Product Engineering

Product Engineering services from Vyuti enable product owners, industrialists and business owners to engineer advanced electronics, software and data infrastructures, enabling them to lead the market with futuristic products.

With experienced engineers specializing in advanced technology domains like machine vision, robotics, control and actuation, embedded systems including high speed FPGA programming, we can put together the right team to build your next generation of products.



We offer custom embedded design services, integrating various sensors, actuators, communications and processor technologies. With rich experience in high-speed FPGA and Processor based systems, we are equipped to design, develop and productize embedded hardware systems.



Embedded intelligence in your products is expected to be the key driving force of innovation in the coming decades. With our rich experience in intelligence architectures, and algorithms in domains such as machine vision, learning and kinematics, Vyuti can help you build components with in-built local intelligence.


Data Integration

Data helps you stay ahead in product design and in making products intelligent. Vyuti can help in integrating data collection, monitoring, management and visualization modules in your embedded product. Implementation of effective data communications strategies is also our core domain.


Featured Application - Rice Sorter

Vyuti designed and developed a custom smart camera module for India's largest food grain milling equipment manufacturer.

Based on a Xylinx Zynq core, the camera integrates a high speed line scan sensor and communication modules, to enable Rice Grain Sorting at break-neck speeds. In full capacity, each camera is designed to look at and determine the quality of a hundred million grains per hour, while sending ejection commands to slave boards within a few milliseconds.


This project involved the development of both the sensor electronics and the ejector electronics along with the long-distance, low latency communication between the two. Apart from the electronic design, the application warranted domain expertise in Lighting, Optics, Machine Vision,  Digital Communications, FPGA and Linux-RT Programming. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers accomplished this task in a record time of 12 months, employing only 3 full-time engineers, while exceeding both customer expectations, as well as market standards, at a fraction of the cost spent by competitors.

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