Solutions Engineering

Solutions Engineering services from Vyuti enable product manufacturers and other engineering setups with domain and tools expertise, in order to develop custom intelligent automation systems.

With experienced engineers specializing in advanced technology domains like machine vision, robotics, control and actuation platforms, data acquisition and HMI development, we can put together the right automation solution for your process


Featured Application – Intelligent Collet Positioning




Vyuti designed and developed the control software for an Intelligent Collet positioning and tightening operation, in GE Healthcare’s X-Ray plant in Bangalore. The process was earlier done manually.

The challenge was to develop motion controls with a PID accuracy of less than 0.1 degree rotation of the control motors, integrate with intelligent algorithms to process x-rays images captured, and build a software that is highly scalable for future upgrades.

Intuitive and Comprehensive Software Features

Vyuti prioritized inclusion of software features that are exhaustive for the current and future needs of GE Healthcare. Several user friendly software features, such as those for accurate calibration of linear motion were built by the team despite it being beyond the customer’s expectations, in order to provide the customer with a seamless experience in utilization.


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