Cyber-Physical Systems


Vyuti helps companies build smarter machines and automation systems. Our vision for the future of industries and societies is a set of extremely adaptable and intelligent processes, designed to aid human living by automating essential processes.

It is our ambition to make all human-built systems adaptable. We accomplish this by integrating the latest advanced technologies in sensing, cognition, memory, information and learning, into industrial machines and control systems.

Our idea is best captured in the academically prevalent term- Cyber Physical Systems.


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Product Engineering

Product Engineering services from Vyuti enable product owners, industrialists and business owners to engineer advanced electronics, software and data infrastructures, enabling them to lead the market with futuristic products.

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Solution Engineering

Have a custom robotic system or automated inspection station requirement for your plant? Or a large sensor data integration application? How about adding vision capability to your existing machine? Our Solutions Engineering team can help.

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